Episode 8

Published on:

14th Apr 2021


What does it mean to be a Belgian national, the child of two Tunisian parents? Listen to Malik (alias) share his stories of growing up as the only family of color in a small town in West Flanders, and how his experiences as a Muslim shaped his view on issues around racism and racists.

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About the Podcast

A podcast that explores the various manifestations of racism around the world through personal stories and reflections on lived experiences. A podcast that makes us all aware of the subconscious biases we hold against others as a result of living in a racialised society. A podcast that can teach us what the first steps of 'being anti-racist' truly means.

Everything you hear is first and foremost our subjective opinions, feelings and interpretations. If there is anything you may find confounding, surprising, or even wrong, reach out to us - this is a platform for a joint learning exploration, not a strive for a definite and absolute answer.

Transcripts of each episode available in English, French, German and Italian at www.ourcontexts.org